The Independent Ambulance Association

It is with great pleasure we are pleased to announce that our approval to become part of the Independent Ambulance Association has been approved.

The IAA was formed in January 2012 to represent the interests of independent ambulance providers who are registered with the Care Quality Commission. A ‘not for profit’ body our core values are to work in a manner that is brave, decent and independent.

The IAA are formally recognised by Government, the NHS, the Departments of Health & Transport, and media outlets being as the voice of the independent ambulance sector.

All the IAA providers are diverse – from small and local to large and nationwide – but they all have one guiding principle: the care, well-being and safety of their patients. IIA Members abide by a Code of Conduct, a copy of which is available on request.

As an organisation we fully support the regulation of those providing patient care and transportation; in England this is registration with the Care Quality Commission, which guarantees to event organisers, NHS Commissioners and patients the highest quality standards


Antics at the Swaffham Raceway


Continuing a long-standing record of providing a quality service, we were here at the Swaffham raceway for their events on the 10 & 11th August. We had an EMA (Emergency Medical Assistant) and an EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), in our 4x4 RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle) (abbreviations are cool)


The days passed almost without incident, mostly minor grazes and stings but we did, unfortunately, have one major patient being conveyed to A&E via the fantastic efforts of the EEAST. This patient did make a full recovery but has opted to leave the racing to their other half from now on!


Great Baddow does the Triathlon

“It’s an early morning start for the team at the Chelmsford City Super Sprint Triathlon! Both adults and children are competing at Great Baddow High School for a chance to win prizes.

We are providing an emergency medical technician in a 4x4 ambulance, as well as two emergency medical assistants in a bespoke field treatment centre.

Thankfully only minor injuries today however, a great day out for all the families with no drama!